Annal: 1964 Dagger Award for Crime Novel

Results of the Dagger Award in the year 1964.

Book:The Perfect Murder

The Perfect Murder: An Inspector Ghote Novel

H.R.F. Keating

It is just Inspector Ghote’s luck to be landed with the case of the Perfect Murder at the start of his career with the Bombay Police. For this most baffling of crimes there is the cunning and important tycoon Lala Varde to contend with. Andif this were not enough, Ghote finds himself having to investigate the mysertious theft of one rupee from the desk of yet another Ver Imortant Person, the Minister of Police Affairs and the Arts. “If people would only behave in a simple, reasonable, logical way,” sights the inspector as he struggles through the quagmires of incompentence and corruption to solve these curious crimes.

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