Annal: 1971 Hugo Award for Novel

Results of the Hugo Award in the year 1971.



Larry Niven

A new place is being built, a world of huge dimensions, encompassing millions of miles, stronger than any planet before it. There is gravity, and with high walls and its proximity to the sun, a livable new planet that is three million times the area of the Earth can be formed. We can start again!

Book:Star Light

Star Light

Hal Clement

Book:Tau Zero

Tau Zero

Poul Anderson

For the crew of the Leonora Christine, travelling close to the speed of light on a 30-light-year journey, subjective time slows down. Then buffeting by an interstellar dust cloud damages the ship’s deceleration system and it achieves light speed, tau zero itself.

Book:Tower of Glass

Tower of Glass

Robert Silverberg

Simeon Krug has a vision—and the vast wealth necessary to turn dream into reality. What he wishes is to communicate with the stars, to answer signals from deep space. The colossal tower he’s constructing for this purpose soars above the Arctic tundra, and the seemingly perfect androids building it view Krug as their god. But, Krug is only flesh-and-blood, and when his androids discover the truth, their anger knows no bounds…and it threatens much more than the tower.

Book:The Year of the Quiet Sun

The Year of the Quiet Sun

Wilson Tucker

It was a top secret government project, its funds coming quietly from the Bureau of Standards, its orders directly from the President. The project’s goal was to survey the future.

The survey would be made in person, by use of the newly-developed Time Displacement Vehicle. Three specially trained men would be sent to the year 2000, and they would return with invaluable data about the problems to be faced by the government in decades to come.

It seemed almost routine at first. But when the survey team reached their target they found a savage land…an awesome world they may have made, and they had to wonder if any would return to tell about it.

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