Annal: 1971 National Book Award for Translation

Results of the National Book Award in the year 1971.

Book:Saint Joan of the Stockyards

Saint Joan of the Stockyards

Bertolt Brecht, Frank Jones

Joan of Arc is Joan Dark in Saint Joan of the Stockyards, Bertolt Brecht’s first major political drama for the commercial theater. A virtuous knight in a Christian army of salvation, she makes the stockyards her field of battle when she clashes with Pierpoint Mauler, meat king and philanthropist, over the heart of business and the soul of labor.

Book:The Sound of the Mountain

The Sound of the Mountain

Yasunari Kawabata, Edward G. Seidensticker

By day Ogata Shingo is troubled by small failures of memory. At night he hears a distant rumble from the nearby mountain, a sound he associates with death. In between are the relationships that were once the foundation of Shingo’s life: with his disappointing wife, his philandering son, and his daughter-in-law Kikuko, who instills in him both pity and uneasy stirrings of sexual desire.

Out of this translucent web of attachments—and the tiny shifts of loyalty and affection that threaten to sever it irreparably—Kawabata creates a novel that is at once serenely observed and enormously affecting.

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