Annal: 1971 Nebula Award for Novel

Results of the Nebula Award in the year 1971.

Book:A Time of Changes

A Time of Changes

Robert Silverberg

Three thousand years after Earth’s colonization of the planet Borthan, stories of self-serving hypocrisy that occurred among the first arrivals have bred a culture that forbids emotional sharing and denies the naturally human concept of ‘self.’ Kinnall Darival breaks the strict code of the Covenant to record the sordid details of his rebellious life from the days of his royal youth to self-appointed prophet of love.

Book:The Byworlder

The Byworlder

Poul Anderson

Book:The Devil Is Dead

The Devil Is Dead

R.A. Lafferty

Book:Half Past Human

Half Past Human

T.J. Bass

Book:The Lathe of Heaven: A Novel

The Lathe of Heaven: A Novel

Ursula K. Le Guin

George Orr is a man who discovers he has the peculiar ability to dream things into being—for better or for worse. In desperation, he consults a psychotherapist who promises to help him—but who, it soon becomes clear, has his own plans for George and his dreams.

The Lathe of Heaven is a dark vision and a warning—a fable of power uncontrolled and uncontrollable. It is a truly prescient and startling view of humanity, and the consequences of playing God.

Book:Margaret and I

Margaret and I

Kate Wilhelm

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