Annal: 1973 Dagger Award for Crime Novel

Results of the Dagger Award in the year 1973.

Book:The Defection of A. J. Lewinter

The Defection of A. J. Lewinter: A Novel of Duplicity

Robert Littell

This is Littell at the top of his form, constructing a tale of espionage and counterespionage that reveals the dirty tricks and dangerous secrets concerning the subjects he knows intimately—The CIA and American history, past and present.

At the center of Littell’s plot is an elite plan, so secret and so dangerous that its existence is known only to a tiny group of specialists within the CIA headquarters. There is virtually no paper trail—but, somehow, the plan has sprung a leak. The plotters most urgently trace it—or face deadly consequences. Meanwhile, at work elsewhere on another highly sensitive project for “the Company” is an operative known as “the Weeder”—a man obsessed with American history and one of its heroes. When the Weeder’s and Washington’s clandestine world collide, the present faces the past and disturbing moral choices are weighed against a shining patriotic dream. What is the truth? Whose truth should be revealed?

Book:A Coffin for Pandora

A Coffin for Pandora

Gwendoline Butler

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