Annal: 1974 John Creasey Memorial New Blood Dagger for a Debuting Author

Results of the Dagger Award in the year 1974.

Book:The Big Fix

The Big Fix

Roger L. Simon

Who Killed the Sixties-Or Was it a Suicide?

Moses Wine thought he had put his interest in politics far behind him when he became a Los Angeles-based private detective. Sure, he’d once been an activist, but that had been during the Sixties. A lifetime ago?or so it seemed, before Lila Shea showed up on his doorstep. Lila was a woman who could have been the love of his life?had they remained together after their last night of passion in 1967. Nevertheless, she’s back, and her political views are as strong as they were when Moses last saw her.

Before he knows it, Moses finds himself at the campaign headquarters of Senator Miles Hawthorne. .

The job Hawthorne offers seems simple: Locate Howard Eppis, chairman of the Free Amerika Party, and convince him to end the smear campaign he’s been waging against the senator during his bid for presidency.

But then Lila turns up dead, and suddenly politics are the last thing on Moses’ mind?…

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