Annal: 1974 Man Booker Prize for Fiction

Results of the Man Booker Prize in the year 1974.

Book:The Conservationist

The Conservationist

Nadine Gordimer

Mehring, a wealthy, dominating South African industrialist moves to preserve his way of life, his power, and his possessions in the face of massive injustice and suffering, changing times, and death.

Book:Holiday (Stanley Middleton)


Stanley Middleton

Book:The Bottle Factory Outing

The Bottle Factory Outing

Beryl Bainbridge

Freda and Brenda spend their days working in an Italian-run wine-bottling factory. A work outing offers promise for Freda, and terror for Brenda, passions run high on that chilly day of freedom, and life after the outing never returns to normal.

Book:Ending Up

Ending Up

Kingsley Amis

The title refers to how we spend our retirement years, often called “golden,” though in Kingsley Amis’ hands anything but.

At Tuppenny-Hapenny Cottage a clutch of oldsters, brought together more by ill fortune than blood or love, struggles with problems that range from penury to prostate. That’s the good news. The rest is Amis as usual, providing fun for himself and his readers at the expense of his characters.

Book:In Their Wisdom

In Their Wisdom

C.P. Snow

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