Annal: 1974 National Book Award for Translation

Results of the National Book Award in the year 1974.

Book:Alternating Current

Alternating Current

Octavio Paz, Helen Lane

A key figure in the Latin American literary renaisance, Octaio Paz focuses here on literature and art, durgs, the murder of God, and ethical and political problems.

Book:Confessions of Lady Nijo

Confessions of Lady Nijo

Karen Brazell

In about 1307 a remarkable woman in Japan sat down to complete the story of her life. The result was an autobiographical narrative, a tale of thirty-six years in the life of Lady Nijo.

Book:Monsieur Teste

Monsieur Teste

Paul Valéry, Jackson Mathews

Although not autobiographical in any usual sense, Valéry’s novel is profoundly personal. Monsieur Teste reflects Valéry’s preoccupation with the phenomenon of a mind detached from sensibility, yet he is also an ordinary fictional character. This volume includes “Snapshots of Monsieur Teste,” excerpts from Valéry’s Cahiers.

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