Annal: 1976 Dagger Award for Crime Novel

Results of the Dagger Award in the year 1976.

Book:A Demon in My View

A Demon in My View

Ruth Rendell

She waits for him in the dark, her mind and body perfect, passive, until one day, when he goes to the cellar, and she is gone…

In A Demon in My View, Ruth Rendell creates a character as frightening as he is fascinating. Mild-mannered Arthur Johnson has never known how to talk to women. And his loneliness has perverted his desire for love and respect into a carefully controlled penchant for violence. One floor below him, a scholar finishing his thesis on psychopathic personalities is about to stumble—quite literally—upon one of Arthur’s many secrets. Haunting and intelligent, A Demon in My View shows the startling results of this chilling alchemy of two very disparate minds—one pathological and the other obsessed with pathology.

Book:Rogue Eagle

Rogue Eagle

James McClure

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