Annal: 1976 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize

Results of the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize in the year 1976.

Book:The Freeing of the Dust

The Freeing of the Dust

Denise Levertov

In the sixty poems that comprise The Freeing of the Dust, Denise Levertov continued to explore the personal and public themes that threaded through her work during the disastrous American involvement in Indochina. Relations with family and close friends are depicted with unique poignancy as she pits the at times terrifying concrete image against her vision of the ideal. Here we have poems that speak out of the direct tragedy of war, the result of Ms. Levertov’s visit to North Vietnam in the fall of 1972, while others reflect the anguish and the exultation of what she has called the ‘inner/outer experience in America during the ‘60’s and the beginning of the ‘70’s.

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