Annal: 1977 Hugo Award for Novel

Results of the Hugo Award in the year 1977.

Book:Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang

Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang

Kate Wilhelm

Before becoming one of today’s most intriguing and innovative mystery writers, Kate Wilhelm was a leading writer of science fiction, acclaimed for classics like The Infinity Box and The Clewiston Test.

Now one of her most famous novels returns to print, the spellbinding story of an isolated post-holocaust community determined to preserve itself, through a perilous experiment in cloning. Sweeping, dramatic, rich with humanity, and rigorous in its science, Where Later the Sweet Birds Sang is widely regarded as a high point of both humanistic and “hard” SF, and won SF’s Hugo Award and Locus Award on its first publication. It is as compelling today as it was then.

Book:Children of Dune

Children of Dune: Book 3 of the Dune Chronicles

Frank Herbert

Children of Dune brings the best-selling science-fiction series of all time to a breathtaking climax. This third installment finds the desert planet Arrakis in a state of unprecedented stability and prosperity. With the Herculean efforts of the Imperium, it has begun to grow green and lush. The life-giving spice is abundant, and the nine-year-old royal twins are coming into their own. Possessed of their father’s supernormal powers, they are being groomed as Messiahs. But there are those who think the Imperium does not need omnipotent rulers. And they’ll stop at nothing to make their point.

Book:Man Plus

Man Plus

Frederik Pohl

Ill luck made Roger Torraway the subject of the Man Plus Programe, but it was deliberate biological engineering which turned him into a monster—a machine perfectly adapted to survive on Mars. For according to computer predictions, Mars is humankind’s only alternative to extinction. But beneath his monstrous exterior, Torraway still carries a man’s capacity for suffering.



Joe Haldeman

Jacque Le Favre is a tamer, a member of one of the exploration teams that humankind has been able to send to the stars. His first world is the second planet out from Groombridge 1618, a rather unpromising place until they encounter the alien L’vrai, with its awesome and appalling gift of telepathy.

Book:Shadrach in the Furnace

Shadrach in the Furnace

Robert Silverberg

The stunning novel of a man surrounded by machines that flash instantaneous pictures of everything happening…a man surfeited with drugs that allow him to be eyewitness to the living past and pleasured by sensual women who vie for his favors…a man named Shadrach who find slittle rest in his miracle-infested world. A supershocker about what happens when telemetric sensors no longer suffice, when the great Khan, ruler of the Earth, needs more…when he needs to survive through the body of a virile, healthy, very special man—through Shadrach Mordecai.

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