Annal: 1977 Man Booker Prize for Fiction

Results of the Man Booker Prize in the year 1977.

Book:Staying On

Staying On: A Novel

Paul Scott

In this sequel to The Raj Quartet, Colonel Tusker and Lucy Smalley stay on in the hills of Pankot after Indian independence deprives them of their colonial status. Finally fed up with accommodating her husband, Lucy claims a degree of independence herself. Eloquent and hilarious, she and Tusker act out class tensions among the British of the Raj and give voice to the loneliness, rage, and stubborn affection in their marriage.

Book:Great Granny Webster

Great Granny Webster

Caroline Blackwood

This macabre, mordantly funny, partly autobiographical novel reveals the gothic craziness behind the scenes in the great houses of the aristocracy, as witnessed through the unsparing eyes of an orphaned teenage girl. Great Granny Webster herself is a fabulous monster, the chilliest of matriarchs, presiding with steely self-regard over a landscape of ruined lives.

Book:Peter Smart's Confessions

Peter Smart's Confessions

Paul Bailey

Book:Quartet in Autumn

Quartet in Autumn

Barbara Pym

This is Pym’s poignant story of four elderly single people who work in the same office. Their work is their chief point of contact with each other and with the outside world. When the two women retire, the equilibrium of the quartet is upset. Quartet in Autumn is a gently compelling story of human dignity in the midst of hopelessness.

Book:The Road to Lichfield

The Road to Lichfield

Penelope Lively

In The Road to Lichfield, Penelope Lively explores the nature of history and memory as it is embodied in the life of a forty-year-old woman, Anne Linton, who unexpectedly learns that her father had a mistress. With this new knowledge, Linton must now examine the realities of her own life—of her childhood, her husband—and ask, What do they really know of her? Deeply felt, beautifully controlled, The Road to Lichfield is a subtle exploration of memory and identity, of chance and consequence, of the intricate weave of generations across a past never fully known, a future never fully anticipated.

“A flawless novel about the role of the past by one of Britain’s best.” —Booklist (starred review)

Book:Shadows on our Skin

Shadows on our Skin

Jennifer Johnston

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