Annal: 1978 Golden Kite Nonfiction Award

Results of the Golden Kite Award in the year 1978.

Book:How I Came to Be a Writer

How I Came to Be a Writer

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

How I Came to Be a Writer is the story of one author’s beginnings — successes and failures, reviews and rejection slips — things that mark the stages of a writer’s life. Illustrated with photographs, and including samples of her earlier writing, this book will show you the inner workings of the writing process, from the spark of an idea to a book’s actual publication.

This classic writer’s memoir has been revised and updated to include material on the writing of the Newbery-winning Shiloh and its two sequels.

Book:Bionic Parts for People

Bionic Parts for People: The Real Story of Artifical Organs and Replacement Parts

Gloria Skurzynski

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