Annal: 1980 National Book Award for Biography

Results of the National Book Award in the year 1980.

Book:And I Worked at the Writer's Trade

And I Worked at the Writer's Trade: Chapters of Literary History, 1918-1978

Malcolm Cowley

Book:Lauren Bacall: By Myself

Lauren Bacall: By Myself

Lauren Bacall

“In a word, Lauren Bacall By Myself is terrific…one of the real-life heroines of our time…and she wrote this book as she lived it.” —Boston Globe

“She’s a real Joe. You’ll fall in love with her like everybody else.” —Humphrey Bogart

Book:Max Perkins

Max Perkins: Editor of Genius

A. Scott Berg

Max Perkins: Editor of Genius by A. Scott Berg took the literary world by storm upon its publication in 1978, garnering rave reviews and winning the National Book Award. A meticulously-researched and engaging portrait of the man who introduced the public to the greatest writers of this century, Berg’s biography stands as one of the finest books on the publishing industry ever written.

The driving force behind such literary superstars as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Thomas Wolfe, Max Evarts Perkins was the most admired book editor in the world. From the first major novel he edited (Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise) to the last (James Jones’s bestselling From Here to Eternity) Perkins revolutionized American literature. Perkins was tirelessly committed to nurturing talent no matter how young or unproven the writer. …[more]

Book:The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

Edmund Morris

This is Morris’s highly acclaimed account of Theodore Roosevelt’s life, encompassing the years from Roosevelt’s birth to his service in the White House.

He was one of our most vibrant presidents; his image still haunts our past and our present. This fascinating and comprehensive biography of the extraordinary naturalist, adventurer, soldier, and politician, tells the improbable, but very real, story of a man determined to get what he wanted, an American who helped define our century and our very character.

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