Annal: 1980 World Fantasy Award for Novel

Results of the World Fantasy Award in the year 1980.

Book:The Watchtower

The Watchtower: Book 1 of the Chronicles of Tornor

Elizabeth A. Lynn

Tornor Keep is the legendary tower that guards the winter end of a summer land. But when Tornor is overrun by raiders, a young prince is the tower’s last hope-in an enchanting story of a time far removed from our, and a land alive with warriors, lovers, war and honor.

Book:The Dancers of Arun

The Dancers of Arun: Book 2 of the Chronicles of Tornor

Elizabeth A. Lynn

Watchtower was the first in a breathtaking fantasy trilogy…now the Chronicles of Tornor continue

Kerris has spent seventeen years training his mind as scholar and scribe of Tornor. His brother Kel is one of the chearis—the dancing warriors of Arun—who teaches him the beauty of patterning. This gift has given order, peace and beauty fo the cheari culture. But all too soon will Kerris need to draw upon his talents. The city of Elath is in the throes of psychic warfare—and as he learns the ways of the warrior of the battlefield, he will also discover what it means to love.

Book:The Dark Bright Water

The Dark Bright Water

Patricia Wrightson

Tribal elders urge a young Australian Aborigine to investigate the strange events occurring in the interior of their vast continent.

Book:Harpist in the Wind

Harpist in the Wind

Patricia A. McKillip

In the midst of conflict and unrest the Prince of Hed solves the puzzle of his future when he learns to harp the wind, discovers who the shape changers are, and understands his own relationship to Deth, harpist of the wizard Ohm.

Book:The Last Call of Mourning

The Last Call of Mourning

Charles L. Grant

Book:The Palace

The Palace

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

They say his palazzo is to be a magnificent work of art-a dazzling edifice to rival the most opulent in the city. Its owner is a stranger to Florence, a wealthy foreigner who dresses in black silk and practices the age-old secrets of alchemy. But the man who calls himself Francesco Ragoczy da San Germano conceals his own dark secrets that have exiled him to a life of blood-filled torment and eternal wandering. Yet in the sensation-craving Estasia, cousin to Botticelli, San Germano has found a woman whose unquenchable passions could exceed his own. And in the fanatical monk Savonarola, he has found a powerful enemy: a dangerously obsessed ascetic who exerts a hypnotic power over the citizens of Florence. Savonarola is embarked on a reign of terror that will not end until every thing of beauty is destroyed and every heretic burned at the stake. As the city becomes a hotbed of religious fervor and escalating violence, San Germano is faced with an impossible choice that could doom those he loves forever…and transform…[more]

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