Annal: 1981 Hugo Award for Novel

Results of the Hugo Award in the year 1981.

Book:The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

Joan D. Vinge

The Winter colonists have ruled Tiamat for 150 years, slaughtering the gentle sea mers in trade for off-world wealth. But soon the gate to the galactic Hegemony will close, Tiamat will be isolated, and the 150-year reign of the Summer primitive will begin. Unless Arienrhod, the ageless, corrupt Snow Queen, can commit a genocidal crime—and destroy destiny…unless Sparks Dawntreader, the Snow Queen’s companion, can survive sea and city palace and slums—and find destiny….unless Hegemony Commander Jerusha Palathion, and Snow Queen’s victim, can find one ally on Tiamat—and change destiny…And unless Moon Summer, a young mystic, can break a conspiracy that spans space—and control destiny. Because Moon is the Snow Queen’s lost weapon. The Snow Queen’s lost rival. The Snow Queen’s lost soul. Moon is the Snow Queen’s clone…

Book:Beyond the Blue Event Horizon

Beyond the Blue Event Horizon: Book 2 of the Heechee Saga

Frederik Pohl

In Book Two of the Heechee Saga, Robinette Broadhead is on his way to making a fortune by bankrolling an expedition to the Food Factory—a Heechee spaceship that can graze the cometary cloud and transfor the basic elements of the universe into untold quantities of food. But even as he gambles on the breakthrough technology, he is wracked with the guilt of losing his wife, poised forever at the “event horizon” of a black hole where Robin had abaondoned her. As more and more information comes back from the expedition, Robin grows ever hopeful that he can rescue his beloved Gelle-Klara Moynlin. After three and a years, the factory is discovered to work, and a human is found aboard. Robin’s suffering may be just about over….

Book:Lord Valentine's Castle

Lord Valentine's Castle

Robert Silverberg

Treachery and wizardry run rampant under the reign of the mighty Pontifex, as both the rightful and the unworthy heirs to the throne anxiously await his demise. Korsibar, son of the current Coronal, plots with his twin sister and ambitious companions to seize the power of the Coronal when his father ascends to the throne of the Pontifex.

But the burdens of the crown and scepter exact a higher price than Korsibar is prepared to pay. His rival fights to take his appointed place as keeper of his beloved Majipoor…and to restore order to the utter chaos that has befallen their world.

Book:Ringworld Engineers

Ringworld Engineers

Larry Niven

It’s been twenty years since the quixotic and worldsweary Louis Wu discovered the Ringworld. Now he and Speaker-To-Animals are going back, captives of the Hindmost, a deposed puppeteer leader. With Louis’ help, the Hindmost intends to regain his status by bringing back such extraordinary treasures from the Ringworld that his fellow puppeteers will have to be impressed. But when they arrive, Louis discovers that the Ringworld is no longer stable…and will destroy itself within months. To survive he must locate the control center of the legendary engineers who built the planet.


Wizard: Book 2 of the Gaean Trilogy

John Varley

Human explorers have entered the sprawling mind of Gaea. Now they must fight her will. For she is much too powerful…and definitely insane.

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