Annal: 1983 Dagger Award for Crime Novel

Results of the Dagger Award in the year 1983.

Book:Accidental Crimes

Accidental Crimes

John Hutton

The murder investigation had nothing to do with Conrad. He was a model citizen, even a rather important one. He had, however, been under considerable strain recently: there was the uncertainty about his future, and his relationship with Stephanie, his wife, was not quite what it had once been.

Perhaps that explained why he had lied to the police. It had been such a small untruth, a simple dodge to escape the roadblock across the desolate moorlands where a girl’s raped and mutilated body had been found. But it was to have a devastating effect on Conrad’s life.

“A compelling novel. John Hutton uses crime to explore the complexities of human personality and the dangerous pitfalls of self-delusion. His psychology is impeccable, his writing sharp and often wryly comic, and his central character hauntingly believable.” (B-O-T Editorial Review Board)

Book:The Papers of Tony Veitch

The Papers of Tony Veitch

William McIlvanney

McIlvanney once again sets out on the dark side of Glasgow with Detective Jack Laidlaw. “The wine he gave me winsy wine” were the final words of Eck Adamson to Laidlaw, his only friend. Laidlaw is convinced the Eck was murdered and that an elusive young student, Tony Veitch, holds the key to the mystery.

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