Annal: 1983 Edgar Allan Poe Award® for Best Motion Picture

Results of the Edgar Allan Poe Award® in the year 1983.

Film:The Long Good Friday

The Long Good Friday

John Mackenzie

Intricately plotted and smartly paced, this gangster saga clicks as whodunit, social satire, and explosive thriller. The piece is crowned by Bob Hoskins’s career-making turn as a London mobster courting respectability and Helen Mirren’s subtly detailed performance as his upper-crust mistress. Cockney wiseguy Harold Shand is a would-be burgher whose domination of the city’s underworld stems from his shrewdness as a mediator and his skill at harnessing political and economic clout. As Easter approaches, he’s poised to launch an aggressive real estate development…

Film:48 HRS

48 HRS

Walter Hill

Before the action-oriented “buddy movie” formula settled into place in the 1980s and 1990s with the Lethal Weapon films, Walter Hill’s 48 HRS. presented a much more irreverent and politically incorrect version of the genre. Eddie Murphy made an auspicious film debut alongside veteran Nick Nolte’s consummate performance as a worn cop. Murphy plays a convict on a two-day furlough from prison to help capture his former partner (James Remar). The intense animosity between his character and Nolte’s impatient detective is rude and violent—albeit in a…

Film:Evil Under the Sun

Evil Under the Sun

Guy Hamilton

Mostly for Poirot completists and admirers of then-trendy, all-star ensemble casts from the 1970s and early ‘80s, Evil Under the Sun finds Peter Ustinov in his second outing as Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective (three years after 1978’s Death on the Nile). As the title promises, the action this time takes place on an Adriatic island (though Christie fans will surely balk at the switch from the novel’s setting on the English coast), where a famous stage star (Diana Rigg) is murdered, and the list of likely suspects is unusually high. The…

Film:Still of the Night

Still of the Night

Robert Benton

Fresh from his huge success with the beloved Kramer vs. Kramer, writer-director Robert Benton chose to make a 180-degree turn with this frosty thriller. Roy Scheider plays a Manhattan psychologist, Sam Rice, who is dragged into a murder investigation when one of his patients is killed. The prime suspect is played by Meryl Streep, then at the height of her stardom (the film was released within a week of Streep’s triumphant Sophie’s Choice in 1982). Rice understandably lets his basic instincts take over and falls for this brisk, blond mystery woman,…

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