Annal: 1985 John W. Campbell Award

Results of the John W. Campbell Award in the year 1985.

Book:The Years of the City

The Years of the City

Frederik Pohl

For better or worse, New York has always been a city on the cutting edge of the American future. And here’s the New York of the century to come, as envisioned by SF master Frederik Pohl. Twin domes over Manhattan bring climate control and shut out undesired extremes of weather, but cannot control the rage and fury of some of its citizens…

Book:Green Eyes

Green Eyes

Lucius Shepard

Life the second time around is short, strange and terrifying to the awakened. One “zombie”, victim of a bizarre scientific obsession, breaks away, leaving a trail of muder and miracle as he flees the Project and the horror his “life” hasbecome.



William Gibson

One of the most important and influential novels of our time.

Neuromancer is the multiple award-winning novel that launched the astonishing career of William Gibson. The first fully-realized glimpse of humankind’s digital future, it is a shocking vision that has challenged our assumptions about our technology and ourselves, reinvented the way we speak and think, and forever altered the landscape of our imaginations.

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