Annal: 1985 Philip K. Dick Award

Results of the Philip K. Dick Award in the year 1985.

Book:Dinner at Deviant's Palace

Dinner at Deviant's Palace

Tim Powers

The civilized world had come to an end more than a century earlier, but in California life and society went on….taking strange, often horrifying forms. Gregorio Rivas was a survivor—a proud, resourceful man who had, most recently, made his way from the corrupt, crumbling city of Venice to carve our a successful career as a musician within the walls of Ellay…

Welcome to the holy city. Gregorio was a redeemer, one of the courageous men who snatched converts from the sinister cult of Norton Jaybush. Currency brandy was what they used for money in post-nuclear L.A. Ten thousand fifths was the price Rivas set to retrieve the only girl he ever loved. But when a hemogoblin whispered Come to me from the shadows, it looked like Gregorio Rivas would be leaving by the Dog Town gate. Unless the genial host of Deviant’s Palace would swop an apostle for a hemogoblin. Norton Jaybush needed a new High Priest—and Rivas had been shortlisted for the job

Book:Saraband of Lost Time

Saraband of Lost Time

Richard Grant


Emprise: Book 1 of the Trigon Disunity

Michael P. Kube-McDowell

The devastating Food and Fuel Wars have turned once-powerful nations into isolated farming communities. Barter has replaced currency, and scientists—considered responsible for the world’s misery—are burned at the stake. Hidden in the Idaho hills, astronomer Allen Chandliss secretly monitors his radiotelescope, listening for signs of intelligent life, hoping that aliens will come and improve things on Earth. For seventeen years he has waited patiently. His patience is about to pay off…

Book:Knight Moves

Knight Moves

Walter Jon Williams

Eight hundred years ago Doran Falkner gave humanity the stars, and he now lives with his regrets on a depopulated Earth among tumbledown ruins and ancient dreams brought to life by modern technology.

But word now comes that alien life has been discovered on a distant world, life so strange and impossible that the revelation of its secrets could change everything. A disillusioned knight on the chessboard of the gods, Doran must confront his own lost promise, his lost love, and his lost humanity, to make the move that will revive the fortunes both of humans and aliens…

Book:The Remaking of Sigmund Freud

The Remaking of Sigmund Freud

Barry Malzberg

O Brave New World…When man roamed freely among the planets and away to the stars, spacecraft had to carry the best advisers with them, for outside help was usually too far off to do any good in emergencies. And so the android simulacrum was born—a conveniently storable but believably human package which duplicated all the strengths of the Master after whom each was modeled. For centuries a Sigmund Freud was standard equipment on long voyages, but put to little useThen Man met his first etees, and Freud’s career entered a new phase—one which would change history forever.



Scott Russell Sanders

In the 21st century, humanity has abandoned the Earth for the Enclosure: a network of cities, built from the salvage of the old world, sealed against all of nature. Within the Enclosure the human race lives protected, all its material needs provided for. Citizens hide beneath masks and layers of ritual and numb themselves with drugs. Within the Enclosure are a few people who want out. In Oregon City, a small group plans to escape to the wild Earth beyond the walls. United by something much more than just an idea, they meet in secret. But they are not unobserved. And what they find outside is not what they expect.

Book:The Timeservers

The Timeservers

Russell M. Griffin

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