Annal: 1986 Golden Kite Picture Book Illustration Award

Results of the Golden Kite Award in the year 1986.



Suse MacDonald

A is for ark. But did you know that if you turn an A upside down and round the point out a little, it becomes an ark?

B is for balloon. But did you know that if you blow it up really big, the hole in the middle floats away like a balloon?

In this wonderfully creative alphabet book, letters are pulled, twisted, reversed, and curled until they become part of what they represent. F becomes a fish, and Y becomes a yak!

Young readers will be fascinated with the way the letters evolve into the final creation. They’ll never look at the alphabet the same way again!

Book:Juma and the Magic Jinn

Juma and the Magic Jinn

Joy Anderson, Charles Mikolaycak

Juma is a dreamy little boy who lives on the island of Lamu in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Kenya. One day he opens the magic jinn jar and some of his wishes are granted. Luckily he is able to get home again.

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