Annal: 1986 Whitbread Book Award for Biography

Results of the Whitbread Book Award in the year 1986.

Book:Gilbert White

Gilbert White

Richard Mabey

When Gilbert White (1720-93) wrote The Natural History of Selbourne, he created one of the greatest and most influential natural history works of all times, his detailed observations providing the cornerstones to modern ecology.

“Enthralling…an excellent evocation of White and his times which certainly deserves a place beside the original work.” —Sunday Times.

“Mabey is one of the most vivid ecological writers of our time, and hestill has a sense of wonder and delight.” —Spectator.

“His evocation of the landscape is brilliant. We seem jogging down those deeply rutted lanes behind the parson looking over his shoulder.” —Times Educational Supplement.

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