Annal: 1987 Philip K. Dick Award

Results of the Philip K. Dick Award in the year 1987.

Book:Strange Toys

Strange Toys

Patricia Geary



Mike McQuay

Book:Dark Seeker

Dark Seeker

K.W. Jeter

Book:Dover Beach

Dover Beach

Richard Bowker

Book:Life During Wartime

Life During Wartime

Lucius Shepard

David Mingolla is one of many drug-pumped grunts slugging it out in the rotten jungles of Guatemala, an expendable pawn in an endless, amoral war. Then he meets Debora, an enigmatic young woman who may be working for the enemy, and stumbles into the deadly war zone of psychic conflict where the mind is the greatest woapon, and thoughts are used to kill.



Pat Cadigan

For Allie, putting on the madcap that Jerry borrowed was a very big mistake. The psychosis itself was quite conventional, but it didn’t go away when she took the madcap off, so the Brain Police took over leaving her with a choice—go to jail as a mind criminal or become a mindplayer.

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