Annal: 1988 Edgar Allan Poe Award® for Best Motion Picture

Results of the Edgar Allan Poe Award® in the year 1988.



John Badham

Acclaimed director John Badham delivers a winning combination of action, suspense, comedy, and romance! Convinced that a dangerous escaped convict (Aidan Quinn) is headed for his ex-girlfriend’s (Madeleine Stowe), a pair of Seattle detectives (Richard Dreyfuss, Emilio Estevez) stakeout her apartment. The watch remains routine until one of the detectives begins a high-risk romance with the woman under surveillance—jeopardizing not only the partners’ careers…But also their lives!

Film:Best Seller

Best Seller

John Flynn

John Flynn has directed some good, tough, pacy thrillers and Best Seller, along with the 1973 The Outfit, can claim to be the best of them. It kicks off with not one but two slam-bang action sequences and then, having grabbed our attention, pitches us straight into its twisty plot premise. Brian Dennehy, reliably watchable as ever, plays an ageing cop-turned-novelist who has hit a writer’s block since his wife died. James Woods at his most suavely sinister is a hitman with dirt to dish on the head of a big corporation. Woods proposes a Faustian…

Film:The Big Easy

The Big Easy

Jim McBride

An atmospheric and sexy crime caper, this stars Dennis Quaid as a New Orleans police detective. He’s a smooth talker who butts heads with the new assistant district attorney, Ellen Barkin. She’s rigid and plays by the rules; he is mildly corrupt. They soon find themselves romantically entwined, and a bit chagrined.

Director Jim McBride (Great Balls of Fire) was in top form with this 1987 sizzler. You may not remember the particulars of the plot, which concerns supposed gang killings and police corruption, because it is the romance that has staying…


Robocop: 1st in series

Paul Verhoeven

When it arrived on the big screen in 1987, Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop was like a high-voltage jolt of electricity, blending satire, thrills, and abundant violence with such energized gusto that audiences couldn’t help feeling stunned and amazed. The movie was a huge hit, and has since earned enduring cult status as one of the seminal science fiction films of the 1980s. Followed by two sequels, a TV series, and countless novels and comic books, this original RoboCop is still the best by far, largely due to the audacity and unbridled bloodlust of…

Film:The Stepfather

The Stepfather

Joseph Ruben

Jerry Blake (Terry OQuinn) is a man fascinated by the perfect life—a dream house in the suburbs, a big backyard, an adoring wife and loving children. In a peaceful town just outside of Seattle, he marries the attentive Susan Maine (Shelly Hack).

He also became the stepfather of Susan’s 16-year-old daughter Stephanie. Stephanie, however is uneasy with Jerry’s cheerful manner, and doesn’t hide her distrust. While Jerry pretends to be the ideal dad, Stephanie glimpses his darker side…Could he be the same man who murdered his own family one year earlier, but never got caught? Or is she just an overimaginative teenager who resents her new stepfather?

A genuinely spine tingling thriller, The Stepfather remains an American horror classic.

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