Annal: 1988 Golden Kite Fiction Award

Results of the Golden Kite Award in the year 1988.

Book:Borrowed Children

Borrowed Children

George Ella Lyon

When Mandy Perritt's mother nearly dies giving birth to her baby brother, Mandy is forced to give up going to school. Since her mother is so ill, Mandy has to take care of the new baby and cook, clean, and keep house for the rest of her family. Some days the work seems like more than Mandy can handle. Some days it seems so unfair. Mandy always felt she didn't belong in Goose Rock, Kentucky, anyway; she's sure that somewhere in the world there are finer things to be had, and she wants them.

Six weeks of so much responsibility are hard, but then Mama and Daddy surprise Mandy. She's going to spend Christmas with her grandparents in Memphis — a big, glamorous city. Mandy discovers kinfolk she never knew much about. She learns from them about her parents - stories that make her see them, and Goose Rock, in a different light. Now that Mandy's discovered so much about her family, how will her dreams change?

Book:The Reluctant God

The Reluctant God

Pamela F. Service

Lorna Padgett, an archeologist’s daughter, has inherited her father’s love for ancient Egypt. Ameni lived over four thousand years ago. The son of a Pharoah, he loved adventure but had no idea what destiny the gods were holding for him. These two should never have met. But a walk in the hills near her father’s dig leads Lorna into strange territory—and to an ancient discovery that brings timeless adventure, mystery, and danger…

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