Annal: 1988 Philip K. Dick Award

Results of the Philip K. Dick Award in the year 1988.

Book:400 Billion Stars

400 Billion Stars

Paul J. McAuley



Rudy Rucker

In 2030, bopper robots in their lunar refuge have founds a way to infuse DNA wetware with their own software code. The result is a new lifeform: the meatbop. Fair is fair, after all. Humans built the boppers, now bops are building humans…sort of. Its all part of an insidious plot thats about to ensnare Della Taze—who doesnt think she killed her lover while in drug-induced ecstasy…but isnt sure. And its certainly catastrophic enough to call Cobb Anderson—the pheezer who started it all—out of cold-storage heaven.

Book:Becoming Alien

Becoming Alien

Rebecca Ore

Book:Neon Lotus

Neon Lotus

Marc Laidlaw

Book:Orphan of Creation

Orphan of Creation: Contact with the Human Past

Roger MacBride Allen

An anthropologist stumbles across a stunning secret that will put the very definition of humanity suddenly in doubt. Are the bones buried there the remains of humans, or apes—or something else? The answer will turn her life, and the world, upsidedown.



D. Alexander Smith

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