Annal: 1989 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction

Results of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in the year 1989.

Book:The Heart of the Country

The Heart of the Country

Fay Weldon

Set in a small Somerset town—Jane Austen country— Weldon’s novel is about a marriage gone awry.

Book:The City of Marvels

The City of Marvels

Eduardo Mendoza, Bernard Molloy

Book:The Joy Luck Club: A Novel

The Joy Luck Club: A Novel

Amy Tan

In 1949 four Chinese women-drawn together by the shadow of their past-begin meeting in San Francisco to play mah jong, invest in stocks, eat dim sum, and “say” stories. They call their gathering the Joy Luck Club. Nearly forty years later, one of the members has died, and her daughter has come to take her place, only to learn of her mother’s lifelong wish-and the tragic way in which it has come true. The revelation of this secret unleashes an urgent need among the women to reach back and remember…

In this extraordinary first work of fiction, Amy Tan writes about what is lost-over the years, between generations, among friends-and what is saved.

Book:Midnight Sweets

Midnight Sweets

Bette Pesetsky

Book:Mother's girl

Mother's girl

Elaine Feinstein

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