Annal: 1989 Nebula Award for Novel

Results of the Nebula Award in the year 1989.

Book:The Healer's War

The Healer's War

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Lt. Kitty McCulley, a young and inexperienced nurse tossed into a stressful and chaotic situation, is having a difficult time reconciling her duty to help and heal with the indifference and overt racism of some of her colleagues and with the horrendously damaged soldiers and Vietnamese civilians whom she encounters during her service at the China Beach medical facilities.

She is unexpectedly helped by the mysterious and inexplicable properties of an amulet, given to her by one of her patients, an elderly, dying Vietnamese holy man, which allows her to see other people’s “auras” and to understand more about them as a result. This eventually leads to a strange, almost surrealistic journey through the jungle, accompanied by a one-legged boy and a battle-seasoned but crazed soldier and, by the end of the journey, McCulley has found herself and a way to live and survive through the madness and destruction.

Book:The Boat of a Million Years

The Boat of a Million Years

Poul Anderson

Others have written SF on the theme of immortality, but in The Boat of a Million Years, Poul Anderson made it his own. Early in human history, certain individuals were born who live on, unaging, undying, through the centuries and millenia. We follow them through over 2000 years, up to our time and beyond-to the promise of utopia, and to the challenge of the stars.

A milestone in modern science fiction, a New York Times Notable Book on its first publication in 1989, this is one of a great writer’s finest works.

Book:Good News from Outer Space

Good News from Outer Space

John Kessel

George Eberhart is dead. Or was. The newsnet he works for has illegally revived him. But he finds himself examining the sensationalist stories he has been reporting on—for evidence that there are Aliens among us.

Lucky Eberhart, George’s wife, loses her job for her role in reviving him, and finds that there are worse things on Earth than she had dreamed of in her philosophies.

The Reverend Jimmy-Don Gilray believes that the Day of Judgment will arrive on the stroke of midnight, December 31, 1999. But all bets are off if the Aliens are already here.

Meanwhile, Carla Hazard, Sandy Ellison, and Martha Shummel are finding that this is their lucky day. Or is it all a sinister Alien game?

And Judgment Day approaches…


Ivory: A Legend of Past and Future

Mike Resnick

Duncan Rojas, a researcher, is hired by the mysterious Bukoba Mandaka to find pair of elephant tusks that have been missing for more than three thousand years and moved from planet to planet.

Book:Prentice Alvin

Prentice Alvin: Book 3 of Tales of Alvin Maker

Orson Scott Card

The Tales of Alvin Maker series continues in volume three, Prentice Alvin. Young Alvin returns to the town of his birth, and begins his apprenticeship with Makepeace Smith, committing seven years of his life in exchange for the skills and knowledge of a blacksmith. But Alvin must also learn to control and use his own talent, that of a Maker, else his destiny will be unfulfilled.

Book:Sister Light, Sister Dark

Sister Light, Sister Dark: Book 2 of Chronicles of Great Alta

Jane Yolen

“Lovers of fantasy will appreciate this title,” raved Library Journal, and Publishers Weekly called it a “fine novel.” It is the story of Jenna. Raised on a mountainside, she learned the arts of the warrior, and from the mountain women the magic of the ancient lore. But the greatest magic of all was her ability to call forth her dark sister from the depths of the mirror of the land of light and shadow.

Skada was the dark one, able to exist only when the moonlight cast a shadow or lamplight flickered in a darkened room.

This is the story of Jenna and Skada. Sister Light and Sister Dark.

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