Annal: 1989 Philip K. Dick Award

Results of the Philip K. Dick Award in the year 1989.

Book:Subterranean Gallery

Subterranean Gallery

Richard Paul Russo

This story is set in San Francisco of the future. Rheinhart was a sculptor who did the best he could until they drafted his best friend to fight in South Africa, when his artists’ colony turned into a home for deadbeats.

Book:On My Way to Paradise

On My Way to Paradise

Dave Wolverton

Book:Being Alien

Being Alien

Rebecca Ore

Book:A Fearful Symmetry

A Fearful Symmetry

James Luceno

Book:Heritage of Flight

Heritage of Flight

Susan Shwartz

Humanity is inextricably torn in an interplanetary war that could lead to the death of human society. Project Seedcorn is probably the last and best hope for the human race.

A small group of refugees, scraping out an existence on the edge of human-occupied territory, has been given orders to live as though everything were ordinary and there were no war. Now, everyone’s lives depend on the children…

Book:Infinity Hold

Infinity Hold

Barry B. Longyear

By the award-winning author of Enemy Mine. Infinity Hold. The story of an idea and of a murderer who becomes the first police officer in a world of murderers. “For those interested in science fiction, Barry Longyear is required reading.” —Philadephia Inquirer

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