Annal: 1990 Aventis Prize for Junior Science Book

Results of the Aventis Prize in the year 1990.

Book:The Children's Giant Book of Space

The Children's Giant Book of Space

Ian Ridpath

Book:Starting Point Science series

Starting Point Science series

Susan Mayes

Each book in this bright, exciting series for young children introduces an aspect of nature, science of technology, providing fascinating information about the mysteries of everyday things. It answers such questions as: How does water get into the sky to make rain? How does an electric light bulb work? Why do insects visit flowers? What lives under the ground? Safe and easy experiments clarify explanations and make learning fun.

The simple text, detailed illustrations and lively cartoons combine to answer the question of each title in clear, step-by-step stages. Young children can share and enjoy these books with adults, while the more confident reader will be rewarded with exciting new facts to read and understand.

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