Annal: 1990 Edgar Allan Poe Award® for Best First Novel

Results of the Edgar Allan Poe Award® in the year 1990.

Book:The Last Billable Hour

The Last Billable Hour: A Novel

Susan Wolfe

When Leo Slyde—named partner, chief go-getter, “king of the billable hour” at the hottest corporate law firm in Silicon Valley—is found stabbed, the firm’s newest associate, Howard Rickover is asked to play Nancy Drew. But he’s got a dilemma, how can he trap a cunning murderer among lawyers who specialize in avoiding traps, and still bill enough hours to keep his job…?

Book:Blood Under the Bridge

Blood Under the Bridge

Bruce Zimmerman

Book:Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Barry Berg

Book:The Mother Shadow

The Mother Shadow

Melodie Johnson Howe

Maggie Hill has just turned thirty-five and doesn’t have much to show for it, save a short-lived writing career and a broken marriage. Things don’t get any better when her latest temporary employer, the wealthy Ellis Kenilworth, puts a bullet through his head, leaving Maggie to carry out the freshly written, shocking codicil to his will. The surviving Kenilworths, it appears, have more on their minds than grieving.

Enter Claire Conrad, a brilliant detective whose reasoning is as elegant as her attire. Maggie and Claire team up and, with a little help from Claire’s sexy butler, discover some dirty linen and more than one skeleton in the Kenilworth family closet.

Book:The Story of Annie D.

The Story of Annie D.

Susan Taylor Chehak

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