Annal: 1990 Governor General's Literary Award for Fiction

Results of the Governor General's Literary Award in the year 1990.

Book:Lives Of The Saints

Lives Of The Saints

Nino Ricci

Set in the Valle del Sole, a village nestled in the folds of the Italian Apennines, Lives of the Saints tells the story of young Vittorio Innocente, and his mother, Cristina, whose affair with a blue-eyed stranger abruptly shatters the innocence of Vittorio’s childhood. As he tries to piece together the truth of his mother’s crime, we discover through Vittorio’s eyes the underside of Valle del Sole’s pastoral calm, the age-old superstitions and fears, vestiges of a pagan past, beneath the villagers’ veneer of Catholicism, and the hypocrisy and malice beneath their self-rightousness.

Book:Disappearing Moon Cafe

Disappearing Moon Cafe: A Novel

Sky Lee

Sometimes funny, sometimes scandalous, always compelling, this extraordinary first novel chronicles the women of the Wong family from frontier railroad camps to modern-day Vancouver. As past sins and inborn strengths are passed on from mother to daughter to granddaughter, each generation confronts, in its own way, the same problems—isolation, racism, and the clash of cultures. Moving effortlessly between past and present, between North America and China, Sky Lee weaves fiction and historical fact into a memorable and moving picture of a people’s struggle for identity.

Book:Friend of My Youth

Friend of My Youth

Alice Munro

The ten miraculously accomplished stories in Alice Munro’s Friend of My Youth not only astonish and delight but also convey the unspoken mysteries at the heart of all human experience.

Book:Man of My Dreams

Man of My Dreams

Diane Schoemperlen

Book:On Double Tracks

On Double Tracks

Leslie Hall Pinder

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