Annal: 1990 Saturn Award for Best Horror Film

Results of the Saturn Award in the year 1990.



Tim Burton

Before making Batman, director Tim Burton and star Michael Keaton teamed up for this popular black comedy about a young couple (Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) whose premature death leads them to a series of wildly bizarre afterlife exploits. As ghosts in their own New England home, they’re faced with the challenge of scaring off the pretentious new owners (Catherine O’Hara and Jeffrey Jones), whose daughter (Winona Ryder) has an affinity for all things morbid. Keaton plays the mischievous Beetlejuice, a freelance “bio-exorcist” who’s got an evil agenda…

Film:Child's Play

Child's Play

Tom Holland

Horror maestro Tom Holland (Fright Night) brought wit and devilish energy to this 1988 scarefest about a murderer (Brad Dourif) who wills his soul into an innocuous doll named Chucky, and reveals himself only to the toy’s owner, a frightened little boy. Catherine Hicks plays the child’s mother, and Chris Sarandon a detective; neither of them knows what to make of the kid’s story. Monster-doll stories are always wonderfully surreal, and Child’s Play is no exception. Holland oversees some finely tuned special effects that allow Chucky to express…

Film:Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers

David Cronenberg

Claire Niveau is in love with Beverly. Or does she love Elliot? It’s uncertain because brothers Beverly and Elliot Mantle are identical twins sharing the same medical practice, apartment and women—including unsuspecting Claire.

Film:Halloween 4

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Dwight H. Little

A decade ago, he butchered 16 people trying to get to his sister. He was shot and incinerated, but still the entity that Dr. Sam Loomis (the legendary Donald Pleasence) calls “Evil on two legs” would not die. Tonight, Michael Myers has come home again…to kill! This time, Michael returns to Haddonfield for Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris of Halloween 5 and The Last Boy Scout)—the orphaned daughter of Laurie Strode—and her babysitter Rachel (Ellie Cornell of Halloween 5 and House of the Dead). Can Loomis stop Michael before the unholy slaughter reaches his innocent young niece? Michael Pataki, Sasha Jenson and Kathleen Kinmont co-star in this smash sequel that marked the long-awaited return to the original storyline and remains infamous for its startling twist ending and graphic violence.


Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Tony Randel

Definitely not one for the weak of stomach, Hellbound takes up where the first Hellraiser left off, piling on the gore to near camp levels. Luckily, the 1988 sequel retains enough of British horror-meister Clive Barker’s macabre wit—like the original, it’s based on a Barker story—to save it from the schlock-heap. Hospitalized following her last misadventure, Kirsty (Ashley Laurence) implores authorities to destroy a bloody bed at the carnage scene, but the enigmatic Dr. Channard (Kenneth Cranham) brings an addled patient there and unleashes a dread…

Film:A Nightmare On Elm Street 4

A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Renny Harlin

Freddy returns to rid the world of more adolescents. Bigger effects made this sequel the most successful of the Nightmare series.

Film:Waxwork (1988)


Anthony Hickox

In Waxwork a waxwork museum appears overnight in an American small town and sinister showman David Warner invites a group of typical teens to a midnight party. However, as expected, the place is home to nasty secrets, and the blundering kids find themselves transported via the exhibits into the presence of “the 18 most evil men in history”. What this means is that the film gets to trot out gory vignettes featuring such horror staples as Count Dracula (played inaptly with designer stubble and a Clint croak by ex-Tarzan Miles O’Keefe), the Marquis de Sade,…

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