Annal: 1990 Shamus Award for Best First P.I. Novel

Results of the Shamus Award in the year 1990.


Katwalk: A Kat Colorado Mystery

Karen Kijewski

A murderer has struck home—and Kat Colorado is taking it personally. Her cousin Johnny has been found stabbed to death in he parking lot of the Homestead Cafe. And now Kat’s on the prowl—trailing a killer through a dangerous world of shady real estate shenanigans and teenage hookers. And she’s about to uncover a closetful of sordid family secrets almost certain to get an overly inquisitive Kat skinned.When Sam, the estranged, deadbeat husband of nationally known advice columnist Charity Collins, ran off to Vegas with $200,000 of their money, Charity turned to Kat Colortado for help. Now Sam’s twisted trail of glitz and grime is leading the inquisitively lady P.I. through dangerous territory—and into a rats’ nest of sleazy deals, heavy-hitting mobsters and contract killings. But Kat’s got a job to do and she’s not about to walkaway—even though prowling the low liife has put her at the top of a syndicate hit list.

Book:Cold Night

Cold Night

Al Sarrantonio

Book:Medicine Dog

Medicine Dog

Geoff Peterson

Book:Rock Critic Murders

Rock Critic Murders

Jesse Sublett

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