Annal: 1990 World Fantasy Award for Collection

Results of the World Fantasy Award in the year 1990.

Book:Richard Matheson: Collected Stories

Richard Matheson: Collected Stories

Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson: Collected Stories is the gathering together of 86 Richard Matheson short stories, beginning with “Born of Man and Woman” from 1950 and ending with “Duel” from 1971. The stories were arranged by Matheson himself roughly in chronological order of original publication. There are also several tributes to Richard Matheson throughout the volumes from admirers such as Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, William F. Nolan, and others. Finally, Matheson wrote a deeply revealing Introduction for the collection. As Matheson himself states in this Introduction, “A twenty-year period of creativity reduced to the psychological background of my output of fantasy and science-fiction stories. If this were a thesis, that would be my premise”.

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