Annal: 1991 Agatha Award for Best Novel

Results of the Agatha Award in the year 1991.



Nancy Pickard

When Jenny’s mother dies of pneumonia after years in a mental institution, an anonymous voice whispers in the crowded graveyard, “Forgive me. It was an accident…” And when Jenny asks too many questions, an attack on Jenny’s life is staged to look like a suicide attempt. “A compelling tale of sin, guilt, and the havoc human beings wreak upon one another…” —San Diego Union.

Book:The Christie Caper

The Christie Caper

Carolyn G. Hart

A group of Christie buffs…In honor of Agatha Christie’s one hundredth birthday, mystery bookstore owner Annie Laurance Darling plans a week-long celebration of mystery, treasure hunts, title clues, and Christie trivia. Yet even as the champagne is chilling and the happy guests begin arriving on Broward’s Rock Island, Annie feels a niggling sense of doom. But the last thing she or her guests expect is that the scheduled fun and mayhem will include a real-life murder. The unexpected arrival of Neil Bledsoe, the most despised book critic in America, was sure to raise a few hackles. An advocate of hard-boiled detection and gory true crime, Bledsoe drops a bombshell on the devoted Christie assemblage: He’s penning a scurrilous biography of the grand dame of suspense herself. Before the first title clue is solved, no less than two attempts are made on Bledsoe’s life. Now Annie and her unflappable husband, Max Darling, find themselves trying to stop a murder in the making-only the first corpse isn’t the one they’re expecting…and it isn’t the last.

Book:The Last Camel Died at Noon

The Last Camel Died at Noon: An Amelia Peabody Mystery

Elizabeth Peters

Amelia and her husband go to an archaeological site in the Sudan, only to be drawn into the search for an African explorer and his young bride, both missing for 12 years. Surviving the rigours of the desert and the perfidy of their guides, they must strive to rescue the innocent—and themselves.

Book:Make No Bones

Make No Bones: A Gideon Oliver Mystery

Aaron Elkins

The Edgar Award-winning author of Old Bones brings back his famed “skeleton detective” for more sleuthing adventures. In Bend, Oregon, for a scientific conference, anthropologist/sleuth Gideon Oliver is faced with a baffling mystery, when the skeletal remains of a famed scientist are discovered—on display at the Natural History Museum.

Book:An Owl Too Many

An Owl Too Many: A Peter Shandy Mystery

Charlotte MacLeod

Amateur sleuths Professor Peter Shandy and his wife Helen of Balaclava Agricultural College are back, faced with a very disagreeable—and very murdered—bird watcher during a traditional owl count.

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