Annal: 1991 Anthony Award for Best Critical Work

Results of the Anthony Award in the year 1991.

Book:Synod of Sleuths

Synod of Sleuths: Essays on Judeo-Christian Detective Fiction

Jon L. Breen, Martin H. Greenberg

In this collection of original essays, several prominent writers and critics of the genre examine the interface of theology and detection. Edward D. Hoch discusses Roman Catholic sleuths; James Yaffe discusses Jews in detective fiction; Marvin Lachman discusses the use of religious cults as mystery story backgrounds; co-editor Breen writes of Protestant religious mysteries and on Mormonism in the mystery; and four authors of mysteries about religious detectives—William X. Kienzle, Ellis Peters, Harry Kemelman, and Sister Carol Anne O’Marie—respond to a series of questions about their work.

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