Annal: 1991 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Fiction and Poetry

Results of the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award in the year 1991.

Book:The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle


The Seahawk looms against a darkening sky, black and sinister. Manned by an angry, motley crew at the mercy of a ruthless captain, the rat-infested ship reeks of squalor, despair … and mutiny! It is no place for the lone passenger, thirteen-year-old Charlotte Doyle, yet for her there is no turning back. At first a trapped and powerless young girl, Charlotte dares to become the center of a daring and deadly voyage that will challenge her courage, her loyalties, and her very will to survive!Alone on the brig Seahawk with a mutinous crew and a ruthless, mad captain, thirteen-year-old Charlotte bravely survives a dangerous high-sea voyage-but not before she is wrongfully accused of murder, tried, and sentenced to hang!

Book:Judy Scuppernong

Judy Scuppernong

Brenda Seabrooke

Poems describe the daily experiences of four girls growing up in a small town in Georgia in the early 1950s.

Book:Paradise Café

Paradise Café: And Other Stories

Martha Brooks

Fourteen short stories dealing with various aspects of love.

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