Annal: 1991 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for First Fiction

Results of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in the year 1991.

Book:Pangs of Love

Pangs of Love

David Wong Louie

Book:The Book of Saints

The Book of Saints: A Novel

Nino Ricci

Book:How to Make an American Quilt: A Novel

How to Make an American Quilt: A Novel

Whitney Otto

Inventive and haunting, How to Make an American Quilt powerfully captures the rites of passage in women’s lives. The art of quiltmaking becomes a metaphor for the realities of being a woman in America as the unforgettable stories of seven members of a contemporary California quilting group unfold. And as we come to understand the beauty and complexity of the quilting process—to see its evolution in our country’s history—we come to intimately know the history of these women as well.

Book:Ten Seconds

Ten Seconds: A Novel

Louis Edwards

“Ten Seconds is classic in its intimate portrait of maleness, softspoken and secretive.” —New Orleans Times-Picayune

Book:Wartime Lies

Wartime Lies

Louis Begley

As the world slips into the throes of war in 1939, young Maciek’s once closetted existence outside Warsaw is no more. When Warsaw falls, Maciek escapes with his aunt Tania. Together they endure the war, running, hiding, changing their names, forging documents to secure their temporary lives—as the insistent drum of the Nazi march moves ever closer to them and to their secret wartime lies.

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