Annal: 1992 Dagger Award for Crime Novel

Results of the Dagger Award in the year 1992.

Book:The Way Through the Woods

The Way Through the Woods: An Inspector Morse Mystery

Colin Dexter

Morse is enjoying a rare if unsatisfying holiday in Dorset when the first letter appears in The Times. A year before, a stunning Swedish student disappeared from Oxfordshire, leaving behind a rucksack with her identification. As the lady was dishy, young, and traveling alone, the Thames Valley Police suspected foul play. But without a body, and with precious few clues, the investigation ground to a halt. Now it seems that someone who can hold back no longer is composing clue-laden poetry that begins an enthusiastic correspondence among England’s news-reading public. Not one to be left behind, Morse writes a letter of his own—and follows a twisting path through the Wytham Woods that leads to a most shocking murder.

Book:Bucket Nut

Bucket Nut

Liza Cody

In this hard-hitting, colorful new novel, award-winning author Liza Cody launches a new series and introduces a marvelous new heroine: Eva Wylie, a female wrestler who, when she’s not working the sleazy wrestling circuit, is a security guard who cuts a sizzling swath through London low-life, unecumbered by scruples.

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