Annal: 1992 Edgar Allan Poe Award® for Best Paperback Original

Results of the Edgar Allan Poe Award® in the year 1992.

Book:Dark Maze

Dark Maze: A Neil Hockaday Mystery

Thomas Adcock

Book:Cracking Up

Cracking Up

Ed Naha

Book:Fine Distinctions

Fine Distinctions: A Kevin Bryce and Katharine Craig Mystery

Deborah Valentine

Book:Midtown North

Midtown North

Christopher Newman

A big shot cop from Internal Affairs is found dead in a Hell’s Kitchen alley. The official report says the shooter was a local lowlife, but Detective Joe Dante knows that the cops from Internal Affairs have more enemies on the Force than off it. Was the cop murdered by one of his own? As Dante presses his investigation, the department closes ranks, and soon Dante must put his own life on the line to stop the killer from striking again…

Book:Murder in the Dog Days

Murder in the Dog Days

P.M. Carlson

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