Annal: 1992 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize

Results of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize in the year 1992.

Book:The Exiles

The Exiles

Hilary McKay

The Conroys are no ordinary family. For a start, they don't have a television. Nor are they allowed to keep pets. And Mr and Mrs Conroy never take their daughters - Ruth, Naomi, Rachel and Phoebe—on holiday. But then Mr and Mrs Conroy inherit GBP5000, and, to their daughters' dismay, decide to spend it redecorating the house over the summer. So the girls are packed off to Big Grandma's house for the holidays, where lots of chores and horribly long walks await them. At first, it seems as though Big Grandma is determined to put a stop to any fun. But, being Conroys, the girls soon find novel ways to entertain themselves, and start having as many adventures and mishaps as usual...and after a while, even Big Grandma doesn't seem so bad...

Book:Paper Faces

Paper Faces

Rachel Anderson

It is 1945 and the war is over. Everyone is celebrating, except for Dot. War is all she has ever known, and she is worried by this strange thing called peace. Above all, Dot is terrified of the return home of her father - the man with the paper face. Written from an unusual and interesting perspective, Paper Faces looks at the difficulty of accepting someone back into a family after a long separation, and explores the idea that a war isn't necessarily over just because the fighting has stopped. The novel presents social history at a very personal and accessible level, and features a strong-minded child heroine with whom readers can identify. Rachel Anderson has written several very well respected novels which take war as their theme, including Warlands and The War Orphan.

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