Annal: 1992 Philip K. Dick Award

Results of the Philip K. Dick Award in the year 1992.

Book:Through the Heart

Through the Heart

Richard Grant

Book:In the Mothers' Land

In the Mothers' Land

Elisabeth Vonarburg, Jane Brierley

Book:Iron Tears

Iron Tears

R.A. Lafferty

A collection of Laffery’s unique short stories.

Book:Take Back Plenty

Take Back Plenty

Colin Greenland

A fast-moving space adventure featuring mysterious aliens, a journey to a de-populated planet, a mad run from space cops, a ship captain in trouble, and her AI (Artificially Intelligent) companion/ship’s computer.

Book:Æstival Tide

Æstival Tide

Elizabeth Hand

Four centuries after the Third Shining, the Orsinas rule the domed city-state of Araboth, but the predictions of its collapse seem near fulfilment. Four people gather together in one last hope for survival, they will open the gates to welcome the Prince of Storms.

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