Annal: 1992 Whitbread Book Award for First Novel

Results of the Whitbread Book Award in the year 1992.

Book:Swing Hammer Swing!

Swing Hammer Swing!

Jeff Torrington

Jeff Torrington’s startlingly original first novel is set in Glasgow, Scotland, during a single-week in the late sixties. Christmas is approaching, and Thomas Clay is beset with mounting problems: his wife is in the maternity hospital prematurely; he’s waiting for news of their transfer to “Legoland” high-rise housing—or for his tenement to be demolished beneath his very feet; he has no job, and his novel is, as yet, unpublished. Staggering from crisis to crisis, Thomas Clay is a man pursued—by petty gangsters, his Mafia-like in-laws, a doppelganger, and by time itself. He may imagine he has evaded the tyranny of clocks by escaping the nine-to-five, but no matter how fast he runs, the Grim Reaper seems cold on his heels.

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