Annal: 1992 Yale Younger Poets Prize

Results of the Yale Younger Poets Prize in the year 1992.

Book:Hands of the Saddlemaker

Hands of the Saddlemaker

Nicholas Samaras

The broad theme of Samaras’s poems is the connection between eternal things and the passing world, between our sense of exile and our sense of commonality. Equilibrium between these worlds is achieved only through human feeling, through language. Samaras examines the commonality of experience in diverse international settings—from Byzantium to the cathedrals of technology in the modern cities of America. His language extols the primary delight and purpose of poetry: the music and inventiveness of language, wholly new and transformed, language that is both ancient and modern. Through an intensely personal and visual approach, these poems reveal our lives to us for time to come.

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