Annal: 1993 Edgar Allan Poe Award® for Best Paperback Original

Results of the Edgar Allan Poe Award® in the year 1993.

Book:A Cold Day for Murder

A Cold Day for Murder: A Kate Shugak Mystery

Dana Stabenow

Kate Shugak returns to her roots in the far Alaskan north, after leaving the Anchorage D.A.’s office. Her deductive powers are definitely needed when a ranger disappears. Looking for clues among the Aleutian pipeliners, she begins to realize the fine line between lies and loyalties—between justice served and cold murder.

Book:Good Friday Murder

Good Friday Murder: A Christine Bennett Mystery

Lee Harris

Christine Bennett has left the cloistered world of nuns for the profane world of New York State, where murder and madness are often linked. At a town meeting, Christine volunteers to investigate a forty-year-old murder case long since closed. Now she’ll move heaven and earth to exonerate a pair of retarded savant twins, now senior citizens, of their mother’s murder on Good Friday in 1950.

Book:Night Cruise

Night Cruise

Billie Sue Mosiman

Book:Principal Defense

Principal Defense

Gini Hartzmark

Katharine Millholland may be an heiress, but she works hard for her money as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer in Chicago. When her lover’s firm faces a takeover and his niece is killed, it’s not hard to find a connection. But Katharine has to do it fast, before she tips the murderer to her intentions, and finds herself next on the list….

Book:Shallow Graves: A Location Scout Mystery

Shallow Graves: A Location Scout Mystery

Jeffery Deaver

Location scouting is to the film business what Switzerland is to war.

John Pellam had been in the trenches of filmmaking, with a promising Hollywood career—until a tragedy sidetracked him. Now he’s a location scout, who travels the country in search of shooting sites for films. When he rides down Main Street, locals usually clamor for their chance at fifteen minutes of fame. But in a small town in upstate New York, Pellam experiences a very different reception—his illusionary world is shattered by a savage murder, and Pellam is suddenly center stage in an unfolding drama of violence, lust, and conspiracy, which have a stranglehold on this less-than-picture-perfect locale.

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