Annal: 1993 Edgar Allan Poe Award® for Best Young Adult

Results of the Edgar Allan Poe Award® in the year 1993.

Book:A Little Bit Dead

A Little Bit Dead

Chap Reaver

Book:Breaking the Fall

Breaking the Fall

Michael Cadnum

“Stanley North, a high-school sophomore, is seduced by his destructive friend Jared into joining a dangerous game: breaking into houses while the owners are home and stealing one item, ‘a token, any random object, as proof’…Readers will hold their breath”. —The Horn Book.

Book:The Highest Form of Killing

The Highest Form of Killing

Malcolm Rose

Three people discover that the Ministry of Defense is researching chemical warfare and that a vial of deadly T42 has made it through security and into the town of Crookland Bay.

Book:The One Who Came Back

The One Who Came Back

Joann Mazzio

Best friends Eddie and Alex take their usual trip up to the mountains to escape the pressures of family and school, but this time Eddie disappears, and Alex finds himself caught up in the adult world of suspicion, guilt, and grief.

Book:The Weekend Was Murder!

The Weekend Was Murder!

Joan Lowery Nixon

Mary Elizabeth can’t wait for the weekend to begin at the Ridley Hotel, where a famous mystery writer and a troupe of actors are coming to enact a murder mystery for 150 amateur sleuths.

Mary Elizabeth’s role is to discover “the body” in Room 1927, which is supposed to be haunted. But nothing prepares her for the real body that she finds in Room 1927….

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