Annal: 1993 Festival de Cannes Jury Awards for Feature Films

Results of the Festival de Cannes in the year 1993.

Film:Farewell My Concubine

Farewell My Concubine: (Ba wang bie ji)

Kaige Chen

The panorama of 20th-century Chinese history swirls past two men, celebrated actors with their own decidedly specialized view of things. We first observe their lives as children at the Peking Opera training school, a brutal and demanding arena for future actors. While still in training, the effeminate Douzi is chosen to play the transvestite role and the masculine Shitou is chosen to play the royal role in a ritualized play about a king and a concubine. The actors are so good at this performance that they become identified with these roles for their entire…

Film:The Piano

The Piano

Jane Campion

Jane Campion’s The Piano struck a deep chord (if you’ll excuse the expression) with audiences in 1993, who were mesmerized by the film’s rich, dreamlike imagery. It is the story of a Scottish woman named Ada (Holly Hunter), who has been mute since age 6 because she simply chose not to speak. Ada travels with her daughter Flora (Anna Paquin) and her beloved piano to a remote spot on the coast of New Zealand for an arranged marriage to a farmer (Sam Neill). She gives piano lessons to a gruff neighbor (Harvey Keitel) who has Maori tattoos on his face, and,…

Film:Faraway, So Close!

Faraway, So Close!: (In weiter Ferne, so nah!)

Wim Wenders

German director Wim Wenders provides another breathtaking angel’s-eye view of Berlin in Faraway, So Close, the offbeat follow up to Wings of Desire. The film revisits all the main characters from Wings: Damiel (Bruno Ganz), now a former angel married to trapezist Marion (Solveig Dommartin), and Cassiel (Otto Sander), who remained an angel at the end of the first film but takes the plunge into human life here. Peter Falk also reprises his unusual cameo role. Newly added to the mix are Nastassja Kinski as another visiting angel and Willem Dafoe…

Film:The Puppetmaster

The Puppetmaster: (Hsimeng jensheng)

Hsiao-hsien Hou

Based on the actual memoirs of Li Tien-lu, Taiwan’s most celebrated puppeteer, The Puppetmaster tells the epic tale of one man’s sturgle against seemingly insurmountable adversary. Spanning the years from Li’s birth in 1909 to the end of Janpan’s 50-yr occupation of Taiwan in 1945, this remarkable true story captures the puppetmaster’s hardships as well as the tragic sweep of this war-torn era. The portrait that emerges reflects the complex nature of Chinese culture under Japanese rule during the first half of the 20th Century.

Film:Raining Stones

Raining Stones

Ken Loach

Raining Stones is classic Ken Loach—an overtly bleak piece of drama shot through with defiant humour, a story of life beyond the edge of society. Bob (Bruce Jones in a role that foreshadows his more ludicrous Coronation Street character) is unemployed and struggling to make ends meet, especially with the added pressure of his young daughter’s first communion and the expense involved. And that’s it really—one man’s struggle to maintain his dignity and provide for his family. Despite the film’s frequent moments of comedy (more often than not provided…

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