Annal: 1993 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Current Interest

Results of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in the year 1993.

Book:Mexican Americans

Mexican Americans: The Ambivalent Minority

Peter Skerry

What will become of the burgeoning numbers of Mexican American immigrants on American society? The answer, argues Peter Skerry, lies not so much with the social and economic progress of Mexican Americans as with the political institutions within which they define their interests—institutions radically changed from what greeted America’s last great influx of newcomers.

Book:African Laughter

African Laughter: Four Visits to Zimbabwe

Doris May Lessing

A highly personal story about returning to her African roots by the eminent British writer, African Laughter is also a rich and penetrating portrait of Doris Lessing’s homeland. In it she recounts the visits she made to Zimbabwe in 1982, 1988, 1989 and 1992, after being exiled from the old Southern Rhodesia for twenty-five years for her opposition to the white minority government. The visits constitute an unforgettable journey to the heart of a country whose history, landscape, people and spirit are evoked by Lessing in a dazzling narrative of vivid detail and poignant scenes.

Swooping from the verandahs to the grass roots and back again, noting the kinds of changes that can be appreciated only by one who has lived there before, Lessing embraces every facet of life in Zimbabwe from the lost animals of the bush to political corruption, from AIDS to a successful communal enterprise created by poor rural blacks. She talks with white farmers and black…[more]

Book:Conduct Unbecoming

Conduct Unbecoming

Randy Shilts

Written by the author of the highly acclaimed And the Band Played On, this extraordinary and unique exploration of gays in the military and gay persecution in the miliatary is nothing short of a masterpiece of investigative reporting. Shilts spoke with hundreds of lesbian and gays in all levels of the military and tells their stories of pain and pride with an attention to detail and depth of feeling that will leave readers moved and educated and with better understanding.

Book:Preparing for the Twenty-First Century

Preparing for the Twenty-First Century

Paul Kennedy

Kennedy’s groundbreaking book The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers helped to reorder the current priorities of the United States. Now, he synthesizes extensive research on fields ranging from demography to robotics to draw a detailed, persuasive, and often sobering map of the very near future—a bold work that bridges the gap between history, prophecy, and policy.

Book:The Real Anita Hill

The Real Anita Hill

David Brock

Brock’s thorough investigation of the evidence in the Thomas-Hill hearings concluded that there was no reason to believe Anita Hill’s accusations of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas. Brock’s book—a national sensation which landed on the New York Times bestseller list—is the definitive rebuttal of Hill’s charges.

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