Annal: 1993 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature

Results of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award in the year 1993.

Book:Knight's Wyrd

Knight's Wyrd

Debra Doyle

On the evening before he is knighted, young Will Odosson wyrd, or destiny: He shall meet death before a year has passed. Will rushes north to release his betrothed from their engagement but on the way he is beset by all manner of horrors—a man-eating troll, carnivorous mermaids, a magic-working dragon…and something far worse: an evil unlike anything Will ever imagined.

Book:The Ancient One

The Ancient One

T.A. Barron

“Lost Crater is like no other place on the planet…stranger than you can imagine.” A log collapsed in the fireplace, sending up a shower of sparks. “The Ancient One lives there.”

When Kate travels to Blade, Oregon, for a quiet week at Aunt Melanie’s cottage, her plans are dashed by the discovery of grove of giant redwood trees in nearby Lost Crater. For thousands of years, no humans have entered the fog-filled crater—except possibly the Halami people who lived in the region centuries ago before vanishing without a trace. Long a source of deep mystery, the crater is now a source of conflict, pitting those who see it as the dying mill town’s last hope against those who see it as a rare sanctuary that should be protected.

Caught up in this struggle, Kate follows an old Halami trail into the crater, and suddenly is thrown back in time five…[more]

Book:Fish Soup

Fish Soup

Ursula K. Le Guin

Writing Woman and Thinking Man imagine what their ideal children would be like and those ideal children magically appear. Unfortunately, they’re not quite what the duo expected.



Peni R. Griffin

Book:Jennifer Murdley's Toad

Jennifer Murdley's Toad

Bruce Coville

Jennifer Murdley, a homely fifth-grader who would give anything to be beautiful, accidentally stumbles into a magic shop and purchases a very ugly toad. The toad, it turns out, can talk and ends up getting Jennifer into the worst trouble of her life. This madcap, head-spinning adventure is also a thought-provoking story about the nature of true beauty.

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